About: Gallery Concept

The former incarnation of Popcorn Gallery Los Angeles opened as Side by Side Gallery Akim Monet GmbH in the Fall of 2011 on Berlin’s famed Postdamer Strasse. Focusing on thematically curated exhibitions that juxtaposed modern and contemporary art, the gallery was located within the former Tagesspiegel complex, the epicenter of the Berlin gallery scene. 

When curating his exhibitions, Akim Monet relies on his deep knowledge and subtle understanding of the history of 19th & 20th century art in order to explore and re-contextualize historically prevalent themes through modern and contemporary works of art. 

By exposing thematic correlations, the exhibitions curated by Akim Monet move beyond a singular chronological presentation in order to reveal converging and lasting influences. 

Akim Monet draws upon his extensive international network within the art world to show carefully selected works from distinguished private collections, artist’s estates and renowned galleries, as well as pieces coming directly from noteworthy contemporary artists worldwide. When appropriate, and with the collaboration of experts, he adds very pointedly chosen antiquities. 

Side by Side Gallery Akim Monet, Berlin acknowledged the site’s historic 19th century architecture and remained true to the Tagesspiegel’s motto ‘Rerum cognoscere causas’ (To know the cause of things).  

The Berlin gallery held nineteen exhibitions from 2011 to 2018. 

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